Independent Watchmaking in Nelson’s words;

“ As a person who cherish the independent spirit, our watchmakers are like family to me. We cherish and honour their work to the best of our abilities daily. Independence watchmaking is the highest form of art in watchmaking.”


Nelson lee, the co-founder of Jeweluxe has been in the business of marketing watches and jewellery for almost a decade. With deep-seeded independent agency experience, he knows the ingredients necessary to launch a brand to its next potential. An enthusiast for fine watchmaking himself, he have keen eye for fine watchmaking and identifies with the resolute and spirit of independent watchmakers.


Independent Watchmaking in Ali’s words;

“ Independent Watchmaking is the purest form of expression. I see value in paying homage to excellent watchmaking craftsmanship while displaying creativity.”


As a reputable collector of fine timepieces, Ali Nael is always on the look-out for the next thing in watchmaking. With more than a decade of experience in watch collecting and managing 2ToneVintage Watches, a specialist in vintage luxury watches, his experiences positioned him well when it comes to identifying and marketing independent brands that shows potential. His former experiences in managing a global oil trading business is one factor driving his vision of Cultured as a propeller of potential gems in the watchmaking market.

Fortune Favors the Bold

The duo is the perfect example of form meets function, with deep-seeded passion for horology, business experiences and an eye for the next big thing. Through their experiences and ability to identify watches with both intrinsic & extrinsic value, they established Cultured to forward the appreciation of independent watchmaking and the watchmakers themselves.

Investing and advocating on Independent Brands that are considerably unexposed is a great leap of faith and certainly involves certain risks. This however did not prevent Cultured from taking on the distributorship of these great work of horology. Driven by passion and belief, we trust that the quality of the watches speak for itself.

This too applies to collectors, who are forward-looking with a keen eye for potential; who are individuals with seek a totally different level of satisfaction and who dare to challenge the status quo.

Cultured Watch


The mission to seek out and bring forth the most desirable watches from around the globe drives us to work everyday.  Explore some of the latest additions to the collections.