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Time Flies 74.6006/004 Gold

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L’Epée 1839 x ECAL x Juliette Lefèvre

TIME FLIES pays tribute to the conquest of the skies and one of the most brilliant inventions ever made: the airplane. Aviation made its mark on the last century, motivating adventurers to go ever higher and ever further, and it changed traveling forever. The plane captured the collective imagination, and there have been many stories of heroic aircraft journeys. Who never had a childhood dream of adventure as a pilot.

Some things fire up imagination and fantasy more than others. Some adventures only the elite, can enjoy, but the boundless expanse of the imaginary world is accessible to everyone. TIME FLIES is an 8-day clock in the form of a stylized 1930s plane, offering just enough structure to provide form, and just enough empty space to inspire our imaginations.

TIME FLIES is a partnership between L’ECAL and L’Epée 1839, embodying the adventurer’s airplane of our childhood dreams, its minimalist form evocative rather than definitive.

We are Retailer for Lepee in Singapore. Take a closer look at this precious piece now in our showroom, or reach out to us if you have any queries.


2.5 Hz / 18,000 vibrations/h


L’Épée 1839 movement designed and manufactured in-house


Power reserve 8 days & Multi-level horizontal architecture

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