Reminiscent of the Classics with modern techniques

“ Ophion pays homage to the style & qualities of classic timepieces fron the 1930s”


Ophion watches are somewhat ornate, classic and reminiscent of trench watches and dress watches from the 1940s. Every Ophion timepieces call out to individuals who love the classics and have a soft-spot for the nostalgia.
Each Ophion revives a historical time or event, bringing back forgotten design languages. The watches from Ophion are very experimental. Despite the traditional aesthetics it presents, Ophion timepieces presents traditional hand-crafted finishing techniques of the 18th century into the 21st century, leveraging on modern manufacturing methods and tools. Being extremely transparent about how their watches are made somehow appealed to a unique segment of watch collectors.
The Ophion manufacture finds satisfaction in overcoming the challenges of using modern-day techniques to achieve traditional hand-crafted elements of classic watch design. Ophion presents a modern-day alternative for high-quality make, less the hefty price of vintage watches with the same aesthetics.

High Yet Reachable

Ophion was created out of frustration but with deep-seeded passion for haute horology.


“The name  – Ophion – comes from Greek mythology: the father of the god of time, an indication of the ambition to give free rein to creativity and imagination and master Time itself.”


The founder of Ophion is a fervent watch collector himself and have always dreamt of owning exquisite movements with matching elegance and classic style finishing. Needless to say, such preferences are often tagged with a hefty price tag. He concluded that it is very difficult, almost impossible, to find the characteristics of Haute Horology in affordable pieces. Feeling disheartened too many times, the Founder, Miguel Morales Ribas set out to change this. Miguel was inspired by watchmakers in the likes of F.P. Journe, Ferrier or Voutilainen, capturing their spirit of watchmaking, less the retail price of owning their masterpieces.


Ophion was born Spanish in 2015 with the goal of offering the experience of high-end watches at encouraging prices, appealing to both existing collectors and new entrants into the culture.

Making Haute reachable – Technology

One shall not find a fixed DNA on Ophion timepieces. There should be no limit to creativity, and inspirations for the next model can be found everywhere. Ophion watches are powered by Swiss movements, German parts and Spanish packaging. The pragmatic approach to its manufacturing, though shunned by most established watchmaking manufacture, is a practical alternative to new entrants to the independent watchmaking fraternity where more emphasis can be given to QC and cost-reduction in its entirety. Still, Ophion managed to get recognition for their aesthetic appeal and quality make, evident through the success of the flagship model, OPH 960, followed by the OPH 786. Ophion caught the attention of many when it was launched and today, it is a rising brand with a passionate fan base.

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