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A Dedicated Watch Service Center

Dedicated department within the showroom to service, restore and repair fine watches, vintage and contemporary alike.

Almost half of the retail space is dedicated to the service center

Singapore has long been one of the world’s biggest markets for high-end contemporary watches, with an evident surge in interest in high-end vintage timepieces, driven in-part by well-publicized auction results that imply rising values.

One of the consequences of the growing audience for vintage timepieces was the opening of 2 Tone Vintage in 2018. Established by Ali Nael, an oil trader-turned-watch specialist, 2ToneVintage focuses on vintage timepieces (and also has a small selection of modern watches), but recently expanded its premises to include a fully-equipped workshop for servicing and repair.

Interact with museum pieces

It is not always possible to view auction grade pieces up close, let alone be allowed to handle them to enjoy the details. 2ToneVintage Watches is offering the public a rare opportunity to engage these timepieces on an interpersonal level because furthering the culture of watch collection is the company’s mission, and appreciation of vintage and antiques is also the appreciation of the history and story behind each piece.

Experienced in-house Watchmakers is MUST for vintage watch dealers

Located along River Valley Road, 2 Tone Vintage has two watchmakers on staff – Cyriaque Le Bris and Abdelelah Jafar. A French native who studied watchmaker in Geneva, Mr Le Bris spent three years at Hublot and Cartier. He then joined a workshop specialising in machining and manufacturing, before moving to Singapore. Possessed of a much longer resume, Mr Jafar has been a watchmaker for over two decades. He trained at WOSTEP in Switzerland and then returned to his native Jordan where he was a watchmaker for country’s leading watch retailer.

Watchmakers who shares you passion

One might probably think that a watchmaker must certainly enjoy the prestige and joy that collectible watches brings, or probably are collectors themselves. This however, is far from the truth as many look upon watchmaking as simply just a job. Fortunately, the 2 watchmakers at 2ToneVintage Watches loves working around these marvel of engineering.

“It doesn’t matter whether your watch is a Patek Philippe, a Longines or a Swatch Quartz watch. I will do everything I can to restore and repair your watches to it’s former glory because I know every watch has a significant story or meaning to the owner. Even to a kid” Says Mr. Abdelelah Jafar, the Chief Watchmaker at 2ToneVintage Watches.

The Past, The Present, Has a Beginning

2 Tone Vintage is located at: 428 River Valley Road #01-11 Singapore 248327 For more, visit

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